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Our Story

Hi, I’m Jerry, Founder/Owner of Caketini Bar & Co, LLC. EST In 2020. Over 20+ years ago I discovered a hidden talent that led me to becoming a successful independent cake designer. Having always maintained a full-time job in the financial industry, cake designing went from being more of a hobby to becoming a successful small side business. As the years went by and after designing thousands of cakes for my established and new customers alike, I became known to many as “that guy” who makes some of the best cakes they’ve ever had. Having this reputation as being one to make consistently delicious, well-designed cakes was not what I ever expected from taking this up as a self-taught hobby. However, I learned to fully embrace the persona and enjoy the satisfaction of bringing smiles to all my wonderful customers. This, along with my passion and love for making cakes, led me to my next chapter, establishing Caketini Bar  & Co, LLC. 


Before 2020, my idea for Caketini Bar was inspired by a customer who ordered cupcakes for a bridal shower. She ordered a few dozen cupcakes with a special design request. The request was to frost them in a soft “pink” swirled frosting and make individual green olives with a red pit out of fondant to place atop each frosted cupcake. This was an interesting order, to say the least, but when I inquired as to why such a special request, my client advised me she was going to display them in martini glasses at the shower. She later sent me a picture and that’s when the lightbulb went off.


It was soon thereafter that the idea to build a so-called cupcake within a martini glass came to mind. Fast forward to early 2020, after formulating my thoughts and ideas into a well-defined concept, is when Caketini Bar and its brand was ready to be introduced  a well-defined concept is when Caketini Bar and its brand was ready to paper and putting thought into how I could formulate my ideas into a well-defined concept when the idea of Caketini Bar and its brand was ready to be introduced. A co-worker at the time was planning his early 2020 wedding and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to present my idea. After hearing about the idea, sharing it with his fiancé, and offering to do it at no charge to them, I booked my first Caketini Bar wedding for 125 guests on February 02, 2020. Caketini Bar was a hit right off the bat with the newlyweds and their guests, but it was when the wedding coordinator came up to me after it was all said and done and stated, ‘It was the very first time that I have seen every single guest go for dessert’ that I knew I was on to something great. So as cliché as this may sound, the rest is history! 


It was then that I officially established Caketini Bar & Co. to offer my clients and their guests to a fun, unique, and one-of-a-kind cake enjoyment “experience”, where, “You can choose the cake you love, not what was chosen for you! And most importantly, something that will leave everyone with an everlasting memory of your very special occasion and give them all something that they’ll surely talk about for years to come!


I look forward to treating you and your guests to their very own Caketini creation and welcoming you to our Caketini family!

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